photo by Carolyn Ridsdale


Carrie Hampel started researching near-future scenarios for her novel in 2004 - still in progress, enabling a macro-micro, global-local picture of the end of the fossil fuel age in the car-dependent Western suburbs.

Besides her own projects, Carrie Hampel works as a journalist on the topic of electric mobility and sustainable transport, and as a writer and researcher with the specialist fields of migration and geo-politics.

Carrie Hampel has been creating performative and written works in interdisciplinary projects since the late 80s. She is an autodidact and has gained knowledge through intensive research as well as life-experience – among other things, as a travelling circus performer, nightclub bouncer, single mother of two, migrant, academic translator, and as an actor on national German television.

Carrie Hampel lives and works in Berlin.