Interdisciplinary artist – Own Projects

See selected work for other artists for creative research and writing and other artistic work on pre-existing projects.

Current ongoing project: The Petrol Thieves – Urban Near-Future Scenario

The Petrol Thieves (working title) novel and near-future scenario 2005 - 2019. As novel currently undergoing a later draft. Research and future scenario currently providing material for upcoming interdisciplinary projects and journalism.



SAVE BOB / The Petrol Thieves crowdfunding, 2012

The novel, SAVE BOB - a neighbourhood drama set in the near future, began in 2005 with early drafts and research. The successful crowdfunding campaign (through indiegogo), secured support and networks to further the novel's progress. Readings held at Antipodies Cafe and St Georges book shop, Berlin.  Press.

The ACTION GIRLS Project, 2010 

Parkour, acrobatics, acting and film with 13-16 year old girls with predominantly Muslim backgrounds in 3 Berlin schools. Resulting in 4 short films, produced by Platypus Theater, funded by Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung

Project break - actor on German TV series "Hinter Gittern" 2001-2004. Started writing & researching SAVE BOB / The Petrol Thieves in 2005, otherwise, translation work, bicycle tours and 2 kids.


Multi-media interdisciplinary performance: socially critical performance piece with dialogue, live music, acrobatics and projections, for eight performers. Initially performed as piece in Rathhaus Schöneberg, then sized up to include surrounding installation lounge in the Staatsbank, Berlin – the former East German State Bank (own company: Amazon Productions). Press Documentation for Freelancer on site of collaborator Eve Hurford (d. 2013)

DESIRE, 1999 

Performance piece for two singers and projections. UndabdiePost 2000 Festival for Young Experimental Art, Berlin. 


Performance pieces for four performers and projections. UndabdiePost 2000 Festival for Young Experimental Art, Berlin.

The performance pieces “Work” and “Support” made issue of economic systems and their deeply personal impacts, leading to the performance spectacle “Freelancer”

The Art of Self-Pity, 1998 

Solo comedy theatre piece. Performed in different venues in Berlin such as: ‘Raumschiffzitrone’, K77, SO36, Berlin.

From the Heart (of a Frightening Woman)1997 

Solo theatre piece with projections, originally performed at Berlin SoloLaLa performance festival, then as courtyard performance project with slide and sound installations from different artists. (Amazon Productions) excerpts performed at different Berlin venues (i.e. So36, Café Burger).

The Amazon Woman in Berlin, 1995

Theatre piece with projections for one actor and one musician with original score from and with Mark Scheibe. Foyer created as performance-installation lounge with 3 performance artists. (Amazon Productions) Schwarzenbergraum e.V., Berlin-Mitte