Slected work for other artists...

Emeka Ogboh

Beast of No Nation 2017– 2018 research / writing for Ogboh’s installation in Gallery Wedding

Selected press 

The Continental Entreé - researcher & writer 

Research for this project involved migration statistics from European countries, specifically concerning sub-Saharan African migrants. European countries were awarded stars – much like Michelin stars – for their palatability to African migrants. The Continental Entreé, (for which Hampel was the sole researcher) was awarded the renown BöttcherStrasse Award. 

Labor Defcon

"Nuclear Energy" part of the Defcon Kollaps series. 2016

Thirty years after Chernobyl almost wiped out Eastern Europe and five years after Fukushima underscored the imminent threat of nuclear distaster, Carrie Hampel epitomizes the price of nuclear energy. Public screening: February 20th, 2016 @ Labor Defcon.

Emeka Ogboh

Radio 0-3-0


Presented in Gorki Theater Berlin, 2015. Emeka Ogboh's Radio 0-3-0 sound installation featured a piece that Carrie Hampel collected, edited and recorded of the journey of a Gambian refugee in Berlin, as well as news headlines regarding refugees and issues behind the "refugee crisis".

Carolyn Ridsdale

"Beauty is Boring" photo series, 2004