Carrie was born in Australia to university lecturers. She was raised in Australia, England and the USA. Carrie migrated to Berlin in 1994 to experience the transition of East Germany after unification, as well as the world-renown arts scenes in multiple disciplines.

Carrie has followed a autodidactic, interactive approach to her education in performance, writing and narrative in 6 different countries (Australia, New Zealand, USA, England, Netherlands, Germany) for over 20 years.

Once in Berlin in the mid 90s, she founded her own performance company, Amazon Productions, to create and produce character and narrative-based, multi-medial, multi-disciplinary performances.

Since 2004, Carrie has focused on research and artistic content for different medial, artistic and literary formats with a research and writing focus on sustainability in transport and migration. She has than 14 years experience working with universities and academics translating and language editing doctorates and master texts for publication, in addition to comprehensive and intensive research for her near-future scenario, including statistical analysis and expert interviews.

In 2018 Carrie founded to initiate pilot projects, events and communication projects. Carrie writes regularly on electric mobility for and works as an independent writer, speaker and interdisciplinary artist.


Interest Groups and Networks
Carrie is an active member of Binders of Women Writers (international English-speaking network of women writers), the international network of Women in Film and Television (WIFT), in Berlin and Brandenburg, Women in Transport (German network) and Fahrrad Frauen (Berlin network).


Curriculum Vitae

Founder of
2018 – startup for content, concepts and communication about sustainable transport.

Researcher / Writer
2005 - 2019 researcher / writer of SAVE BOB a suburban near-future scenario about the struggles of a couple in a typical suburban neighborhood (scenario based in Henderson in Auckland, New Zealand)
Research has been focused on the end of the fossil fuel era with regards to natural and finite resources, economy, climate, environment, industries, Western lifestyles, technology and energy (specifically with regards to transport).
Research for the future scenario is currently being sourced for journalism, while the narrative scenario (SAVE BOB) is being written into different entertainment formats, initially as novel currently nearing completion.
2015 - 2019… researcher / writer for artist Emeka Ogboh
    2015 Berlin 030 - research, writing, voice work for sound installation for the Maxim Gorki Theater Herbst Season, Berlin
    2016 Food is Ready - research regarding migration statistics from European countries, specifically also concerning sub-Saharan African migrants. Ogboh’s work (for which Hampel was the sole researcher) was awarded the renown BöttcherStrasse Award.
2017-18 research / writing for Obboh’s Beast of No Nation project, and speaking about the research at the Galerie Wedding Unsustainable Privileges Symposium. Author, essay on research in the publication: POW UP published by Kerber, Berlin
2018 – ongoing, journalist at
2015 – Ex Berliner Magazine, feature articles in print and online
2014 – Blog Research Raves

Speaker / Performer
Carrie financed her solo travel around Australia at the age of 15 through winning public speaking competitions. Carrie has been professionally performing, presenting and acting since the 1980s both live and in film and television (see IMBD below and Own Projects below). Carrie speaks on the future of transport & sustainable mobility

Carrie played a role in Germany’s most popular weekly TV series at the time, Hinter Gittern between 2001 and 2004, as well as numerous short films. (see IMBD)

Interdisciplinary Artist – own projects (initiated, written and produced)
1990 – on-going, numerous performance, storytelling and writing projects:

THE CHANGE, a novel and near future scenario about the struggles of a suburban couple in the near future. Research themes covered developments in finite resources, industry, technology, energy and environment. White paper (summary of research findings) and publication details of novel following shortly

The Future of Transport – bicycle tour film and performance event on the future of transport –  with Green Buzz at InnoZ , EUREF campus

Dating Me – video work, short film on gender. 1 minute video

The Future of Transport and It’s a Crisis! video work, each 2 min

Successful Indigogo crowdfunding campaign for SAVE BOB novel project Press

Das Action Girls Projekt. Acrobatics, Parkour and film project with Berlin schoolgirls from predominantly Muslim backgrounds to make their own action films in public spaces. Auspiced / produced by Platypus Theatre, funded by Fonds Kulturelle Bildung

Freelancer: Socially critical performance for eight performers (acrobats, actors, musicians), with projections from Eve Hurford, performed in the Schöneberg Town Hall, Berlin and in the ‘Staatsbank’ (the former East German State Bank) in Berlin-Mitte; Amazon Productions (own company) Press 

Work & Support: Performance for four performers, with projections by Eve Hurford, UNDABDIEPOST 2000; 4th Festival of Young, Experimental Art, Postfuhramt, Berlin-Mitte, Amazon Productions

Desire:  Performance for two singers, UNDABDIEPOST 1999; 3rd Festival Festival of Young, Experimental Art, Postfuhramt, Berlin-Mitte, Amazon Productions

The Art of Self-Pity: Solo comedy theatre piece, ‘Raumschiffzitrone’ K77, Berlin.

From the Heart of a Frightening Woman: Solo theatre piece with live audio-visual content and installations, premiere at Solo La La Festival, further performances: Amazon Productions project in Fehre 7. Artists: Dagmar Gabler, Natascha Sadr Haghighian & Stine Brinklöv with excerpts performed in Berlin venues such as: So36, Chamäleon Variete, Café Burger

The Amazon Woman in Berlin: Theatre performance for one actor and one musician and projections with original score by Mark Scheibe, Schwarzenbergraum e.V., Berlin-Mitte

Apex Public Speaking Award Tasmania 1986
Commonwealth Bank National Art Award for Secondary students 1987
Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Trust Fund for Young Australians 1990