Indigogo Campaign for the novel Save Bob (working title)

In September and October of 2012 Leah Mathews and I ran a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to gain enough support for me to finish the novel.


A wonderful and unexpected aspect of the crowdfunding campaign was connecting with international networks where information and interest in topics that I touch on in my novel are shared and discussed(some of this resonance here). I now not only have a vast amount of data and contacts from the research for the novel, I have also connected with a plethora of like-minded groups and activists interested in similar themes.


Another beneficial aspect of the crowdfunding effort came from developing the perks. Here I especially thank Karsten Wenzlaff from the Ikosom Institut, who encouraged me to offer a live/online reading of some excerpts from the novel. This experience pointed me towards a number of live/online broadcast and exchange ideas for the future.


Thanks so very much to those wonderful people who supported the crowdfunding campaign, and who ultimately contributed toward making this novel possible.


Carrie Hampel, March 2014