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(during crowdfunding campaign - novel is being completed!)

Transition Network, 26.10.2012:

"The small group of 'post oil era' books are, in general, apocalyptic and set far in the future. None exploit the rich seam of drama held within the minutiae of "near future" suburban energy descent in a transition context. That's all set to change with an intriguing novel, "Save Bob"... Check out an extract..."

                                          (artist unknown)          More here

About Freelancer:

Tageszeitung,31.11.01 "...Perhaps that is why it is so effective that, when Carrie Hampel does use spoken language, the jargon of self-affirmation reigns in dialogue with the potential employer...It becomes dream-like where language ends and the performers newly define what bodies can do with one another..." 

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