During the Save Bob crowdfunding campaign:

Transition Network, UK, 26.10.2012:

"The small group of "post oil era" books are, in general, apocalyptic and set far in the future. None exploit the rich seam of drama held within the minutiae of "near future" suburban energy descent in a transition context. That's all set to change with an intriguing novel, "Save Bob"... Check out an extract..."

From Medien und Möhren, Germany, 3.10.2012 (translation):

"Carrie Hampel is currently writing a novel about Bob, a very normal guy from New Zealand and his life in a future with dwindling oil-resources. Check it out..."


From the Post Carbon Institute, USA, 25.10.2012:

"Here's a smart concept:

1. Work with a scientist and write a fictional tale of an oil-free future, set around a clueless protag who is forced to wrestle, all of a sudden, with reality. 

2.Package the entire work of creating the novel around a real world effort to SAVE the protagonist from the fate assigned to him in the book. 

Novel concept, great approach."