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Own Projects

The following selected projects are self-initiated

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Near Future Scenario

Research Project and novel 2005- ongoing

A research-intensive near-future scenario and suburban drama following a the lives of a family living in the Western suburbs. The story follows an intimate and very personal, local and domestic view of the way members of the family cope (or don't) with the upcoming challenges of the end of the oil age.

2018 Bike performance tour on The Future of Transport from EUREF Campus and back, in association with environmental group Green Buzz. Topic concerned the overarching themes of limited resources, transport modalities, micromobility and public transport.

Future of Transport Performance Tour.png

The Future of Transport Bike Tour

performance speech bicycle tour, 2018
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Alpha's Journey

documented account non-fiction, 2015

The account of a man escaping Gambia during the dictatorship of Yahya Jammeh in a journey that took him across the Sahara, the Medeteranian and up to Berlin.

An audio recording of the story was used by artist Emeka Ogboh in his installation and radio project for the Herbst Salon at Gorki Theater, Berlin 2015

Action Girls

Berlin schools film and sport project, 2010. initiator, trainer, director

Parkour, acrobatics, acting and film with 13-16 year old girls with predominantly Muslim backgrounds in 3 Berlin schools. Resulting in 4 student-devised short films, produced by Platypus Theater, funded by Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung

The aim of the project was to break negative stereotypes of submissive Muslim girls as well as exchanging experience and knowledge and having fun.

Action Girls Jump.jpg
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Gesamtkunstwerk, performance spectacle 2001

Multi-media interdisciplinary performance: socially critical narrative-based performance piece with dialogue, live music, acrobatics and projections, for eight performers. Initially performed as piece in Rathhaus Schöneberg, then sized up to include surrounding sound, performance and object installation lounge in the Staatsbank, Berlin – the former East German State Bank (self produced with own company: Amazon Productions). Press Documentation for Freelancer on site of collaborator Eve Hurford (d. 2013)

Work & Support

Performance, text, acrobatics, singing, projections, 2000

Performance pieces for four performers and projections. UndabdiePost 2000 Festival for Young Experimental Art, Berlin.

The performance pieces 'Work' and 'Support' made issue of economic systems and their deeply personal impacts, leading to the performance spectacle 'Freelancer'.

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