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Years of researching suburban near future scenarios has allowed me to see how transport systems are like a bloodstream for the global human creature. Making transport sustainable is one of our most pressing challenges if we are to survive the 21 st Century. I look at interconnected issues in sustainable transport, society, industry and government, as well as reporting the latest news in zero-emission transport technology.

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Battery reuse and recycling expands to scale in China

China is faced with an enormous wave of batteries ready for reuse and recycling stemming from the world’s largest EV uptake starting around six years ago. In the last six months, the Chinese government has issued a series of new directives to ensure the battery reuse and recycling industries can effectively expand to scale.

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Sustainable transport news

On the news desk at

I began writing news desk articles for in 2018. 

24 August 2022

Mexico founds state firm to extract and process lithium


20 January 2022

HPC corridor for trucks to be developed in California


Hydrogen fuel cell aircraft – what for and when?

With increasing fuel prices and climate change, the aviation industry is having to look at life after fossil fuels but is facing a particularly tough challenge – passenger aircraft needs to be light and very safe, and what about longer distances? We asked aviation insiders where hydrogen fits in.

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Personal Essay

20 January 2022

Parallel Systems reveals a rail innovation


Berliner Zeitung English edition

Do you belong here?

Berlin Do you belong? Why? Personally, deep down, I’m never sure if I do.

I’m a bit of a freak. I literally used to be a circus strong woman. I’m definitely human, that much I’m sure of. Maybe some of us would sometimes like to disown the human race, in all of our writhing and awkward convulsions as the world inexorably changes around us. But if you’re feeling uncomfortable with the state of the world right now, you’re probably human.

Humans have a fundamental need to belong. It’s how we survive. Without belonging to a group, even a family or friendship group, who will look after us? Who will stand up for us?

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Feature Article

EXBerliner Magazine:

Feminise the Streets!

Testosterone increases our physical strength and ability to take risks. But large quantities of it should not be a prerequisite for using public streets. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against testosterone. For a woman, I probably have a shitload of it.

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