Public Speaking

keynote, performance, science, sustainable transport, geopolitics, energy, the future of transport

My performance ability is basically what has consistently propelled me through my career. I have performed in all kinds of venues, outside of venues, on screens, tv and radio. I have written or devised material for most of these formats. What is most important to me now is to communicate much-needed information that motivates, stimulates and inspires others.

For online or live events I can be booked as an mc, moderator, speaker or keynote speaker. For live events, I only travel with sustainable modes of transport and plan my work accordingly.


Tailored Keynote

Transport systems are the circulatory system of human societies. Whether through concern for climate change or an increasingly unstable market, the age of oil is coming to an end. I take audiences through entertaining, imaginative and positive places to remind them that though circumstances are dire at a point of crisis, humans are infinately adaptable and flexible creatures


Tailored Keynote.

We all love discovering the latest tech, hearing about robot sex, flying cars and magic gadgets, but how do we know what transport tech will endure and take us through the next millenia? What transport tech systems and ideas are most useful and why? How do these connect with larger global resources and infrastructures? Where is there a need for more focus in transport engineering and future transport systems?

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