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Carrie Hampel is a journalist,

writer and interdisciplinary artist.


Over 15 years of research

and near-future scenarios focussed on

suburban life beyond the fossil fuel age

 informs her journalism, writing, public speaking and interdisciplinary projects.

“What, so you've got no petrol at all?" Bob startled upright, his reclining armchair clunking forward.

From the near-future scenario and novel (in progress) by Carrie Hampel

Selected Work

Overgrown cars close.jpg

The near future scenario:


Journalism on  sustainable and future transport

Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-13 um

Clandestine Talks

Biennale Arte 2019
May You Live In Interesting Times
Action Girls Jump.jpg

Action Girls

Parkour, acrobatics, acting and film with 13-16 year old girls with predominantly Muslim backgrounds in 3 Berlin schools. Resulting in 4 short films.

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